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A philanthropic organization dedicated to the fight against poverty and social exclusion, Centraide Outaouais works for social change by strengthening the capacities of community organizations in the Outaouais region. Since 1943, Centraide Outaouais has used its annual fundraising campaigns to finance independent community and charitable organizations that share its vision. The organizations also receive various forms of support, including training. In turn, community organizations support disadvantaged people in the Outaouais in many ways.

Recognized for its expertise in social development, Centraide Outaouais constantly updates its overview and understanding of local issues, thanks to its strong presence at roundtables, its role in the Observatoire en développement de l’Outaouais, and its relations with institutional and community experts in the many fields in which it operates. Centraide’s ongoing engagement in the community makes it a key player in the region’s social development.

Volunteering is at the heart of Centraide Outaouais’s success and impact in the community. The organization draws its strength from the skills and dedication of the many volunteers who, every year, work tirelessly to meet community needs and tackle social problems. Volunteers are involved in the various programs coordinated by Centraide Outaouais, as well as in organizational processes.

Centraide Outaouais stands out for its unifying stance, bringing stakeholders together to bring about real social change.

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