Mission, Vision and areas of activity

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Mobilize people and pool resources to improve the quality of life of the most needy and contribute to the development of supportive communities.


To be recognized as a top community leader in the fight against poverty and social exclusion.




Promote community action and spirit



Welcome diversity and demonstrate transparency, rigour, and honesty.



Strengthen the self-reliance of individuals and communities.



Focus on results and the means to achieve them.


  • Act on the causes of individual and family vulnerability
  • Build community capacity and promote universal social participation
  • Support continuous community development

Areas of activity

Providing the Basics

  • Conquer hunger
  • Help people in distress
  • Offer housing to the most needy
  • Support social integration and employment

Building Supportive Environments

  • Revitalize impoverished neighbourhoods
  • Build the capacity of community organizations
  • Promote volunteering and mutual aid

Breaking Social Isolation

  • End senior isolation
  • Promote the inclusion of people with disabilities
  • Support the integration of immigrants and refugees
  • Help people in crisis

Supporting Youth Success

  • Prevent dropping out of school
  • Counter bullying
  • Fight physical and psychological abuse

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