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You believe in Centraide Outaouais’s mission and its values of solidarity, generosity and dedication. You work unstintingly to make the campaign succeed, to the benefit of the entire community. As partners and builders, you are vital to the success of the campaign, and once a year we distribute awards to recognize your outstanding achievements as fundraisers. The annual award night that marks the closing of the campaign is the highlight of the season, when we announce the TILOU awards in tribute to the volunteers who have made a special contribution throughout the year. Our way of saying: Thank you for your dedication!


These recognize the outstanding commitment of our volunteers to the fundraising campaign. Every year, some twenty awards are handed out at the closing reception, in the presence of community members gathered to applaud the efforts, accomplishments, generosity and solidarity of the goodhearted people who dedicate themselves to the success of the campaign. This is a not-to-be-missed event that puts a name and a face to people whose actions have a practical impact on people’s lives.


This was established in memory of a woman of action and unshakable conviction who was an outstanding contributor to Centraide Outaouais.

Ms Fauvelle’s involvement in Centraide Outaouais dates back to 1995, when she joined the allocation committee. This great humanist subsequently became a board member in 1997, and the results of her commitment are plain to see throughout the organization.

This award goes to a volunteer who has provided special support to the mission of Centraide Outaouais and its various areas of activity: board of directors, allocation committee, campaign team, special projects or general support.

Sadly, Marie Fauvelle died on December 19, 2009, but Centraide’s connections with her are permanent and her memory is inscribed forever in our hearts and minds and in everything we do for the community.


This goes to an agency that has been notable for the initiative and creativity it has shown during the year. The reason could be a new direction, a new project or a renewal process that has led to greater success in achieving its goals.

The selection criteria are:

  • Quality of service and quality of management
  • The impact of the agency’s activities
  • Its value added
  • Continuity of operation

Nominations are filed by the review teams that have visited supported agencies during the year, and by the community development team for agencies that did not receive a visit in the current year.

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