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Make a donation

Poverty takes more than one form. It is not exclusively economic: it can also be psychological or physical. Centraide Outaouais is the kingpin of the struggle against poverty. By supporting 88 community agencies and nine initiatives, it helps to develop a network of essential services to meet the many needs of those in distress.

When you donate to Centraide Outaouais, you are helping in a practical way to maintain this network of life-saving services. Your donation – whatever you choose to give – helps us to develop the structure needed to combat poverty effectively.

Organizing a campaign

If you would like to organize a Centraide campaign in your workplace, the following tools are available to help make your campaign a success. 

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Your donation has real impact on people's lives

  • 5$ per pay : A free week of day camp for theirdaughter.
  • 10$ per pay : Food aid when money fell short tofeed the family.
  • 20$ per pay : Repairs to their two kids’ bicyclesby a community organization.
  • 5$ per pay : A day-care centre where she could leave her son while she went to class.
  • 10$ per pay : Food assistance suited to herallergies.
  • 20$ per pay : Five weeks of camp for her son, whichenabled her to hold a summer jobwhile attending school.
  • 5$ per pay : A winter coat and boots when he was homeless.
  • 10$ per pay : A first basket of groceries when he moved into community housing.
  • 20$ per pay : Access to a room with telephones and computers for job searching.
  • 5$ per pay : A service that takes them to theirmedical appointments.
  • 10$ per pay : Fields days with adaptedequipment at their local seniors'centre.
  • 20$ per pay : A tax clinic with resources to helpthem fill out their tax returns.

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