Who We Are


Mobilize people and draw resources together to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable persons in society and help develop supportive, inclusive communities.


Partnership: promoting community action and solidarity.

Respect: welcoming difference and showing transparency, rigour and honesty.

Dignity: fostering the independence of individuals and communities.

Efficiency: always focusing on results and the means of achieving them.

One overall action – three areas where we work

Hunger, homelessness, isolation, addictions, mental health problems. Vulnerable persons have multiple needs. Through its global action and support of 76 community agencies, Centraide Outaouais gives hope to thousands of people in need.


  • Provide food aid and emergency housing
  • Promote social and vocational reintegration
  • Break the isolation of vulnerable people
  • Help people in crisis or facing addiction problems


  • Prevent kids from dropping out of school
  • Develop abilities and leadership among youth
  • Come to the aid of youths and their families facing a crisis or struggling with addiction problems.


  • Establish a sense of community through volunteerism
  • Strengthen the capacity of organizations
  • Engage the community and promote solidarity

Board of Directors

The individuals who sit on the Centraide Outaouais Board of Directors are people of action, committed individuals who have the wellbeing of their community at heart. These are people who become involved, are generous with their resources and their time—men and women who believe that we are responsible, both collectively and individually, for the wellbeing of our community and of each individual within the community.

Council of Governors

The mandate of the Council of Governors is to advise senior managers on issues that are key to the future of the organization and its role within the community. In addition, it promotes the Centraide cause within the Outaouais region. The Council of Governors includes the chairs of the Board of Directors, the Campaign and the Allocations and Agency Relations Committee. Its members are:

Chairs of the Board of Directors

A.W. Labelle, Bruno Bonneville, Claude Lamarche, Claude Tremblay, Daniel Charron, Dr Horace Caza, Dr Jacques Vinson, Gérald Mc Martin, Gilles Carpentier, Gilles Sabourin, Gilles Trahan, Ginette Mercier, Graham Greig, Guy Fortin, Honorable Paul Ste-Marie, Hubert Hinchey, Jean-Guy Maltais, Jean-Marie Thivierge, Jean-Yves Bernier , Lucie Laferrière, Marcel D’Amour, Marie Benoît, Marie Bergeron, Marlene Deboisbriand, Me Charles Munn, Me Rodrigue Bédard, Me Wilfried Michaud, Michel Parent, Michel Tarte, Noëlla Beausoleil, Paul Lafond, Pierre Archambault, Pierre Couture, Pierre Dubé, Rachel Larabie LeSieur, Yves Beaudin et Yvon Fortin.

Campaign Chairs

Adrien Chatelain, Aimé Guertin, Alexis Caron, Anne-Marie Éthier, Armand Turpin, Aurèle Gratton, Carmen Rodrigue, Claude B. Gingras, Claude Lamarche, Daniel Chevrier, David Richer, Dr Henri Charrette, Eugène Tassé, Frank Bilodeau, Gérald McMartin, Gilles Bélanger, Gilles Lalonde, Graham Greig, Guy Laflamme, Hubert Hinchey, Jacques Labelle, Jules Loeb, Lionel Marleau, Louise Poirier, Lucie Laferrière, Lucie Lafleur, Lucien Fréchette, Lucien Massé, Marc Sénécal, Marcel Beaudry, Marco Veilleux, Michel Parent, Michel Turgeon, Oswald Parent, Paul Mahoney, Pierre Archambault, Raymond Brunet, Richard Henderson, Rock Marois, Roger Duhamel, Roland Théôret, Théodore Truesdell, Ubald St-Jean, Victor Falardeau, Wayne C. Currier, Yves Beaudin et Yvon Fortin .

Chairs of the Allocations and Agency Relations Committee

Daniel Fortin, Ginette Mercier, Jean-Guy Maltais, Jean-Guy Savoie, Johanne Major, Louise Poliquin, Marlene Deboisbriand, Michel Tarte, Noëlla Beausoleil, Pierre Archambault, Pierre Couture, Pierre Dubé et Rachel Larabie LeSieur.

Our team

Nathalie Lepage
Executive Director
819 771.7751, p. 236

Carole Villeneuve
Assistant, Executive Directors’ Office and Communications
819 771.7751, p. 222

Isabelle Brisebois
Communications and Marketing Manager
819 771.7751, p. 244

Enrico Valente
gestionnaire, relations avec les donateurs CCMTGC
819 771.7751, p. 225

Stéphanie Lalande
Community Development and Philanthropic Resources Development Director
819 771.7751, p. 229

Jennifer Page
Allocations and Programs Coordinator
819 771.7751, p. 224

Josée Lortie
Campaign Coordinator
819 771.7751, p. 232

Jocelyn Cousineau
Campaign Coordinator
819 771.7751, p. 234

Tania Perreault
Finance and Administrative Services Director       
819.771.7751, p. 227

Julie Brassard
Coordinator, Client and Supplier Accounts
819.771.7751, p. 220